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Matt Slowikowski

Matt Slowikowski has an MASc and BASc in Mechanical Engineering. Matt has extensive experience in many industries heavily reliant on energy.  His undergrad at the University of Waterloo, Canada, in mechanical engineering focused on power production when he visited the Warsaw University of Technology’s Power and Aeronautics faculty of a year. At the National Research Council in Canada Matt modeled the Canadian oil sands’ bitumen froth settling, gaining insight into challenges facing the Canadian oil sector. To further his understanding of the oil industry, he worked at the General Motors chassis manufacturing plant in Oshawa, Ontario. He completed his masters in mechanical engineering, related to hydrogen production. He currently works as a project engineer at a nuclear power plant, and is a freelance designer for solar power installations.

“I remember the day I first understood how a turbine works.  The ability to take such disorganised energy and transform it into useable power amazed me.  I was intrigued by how far technology has come from the first Pearson’s turbine in terms of efficiency and size.  Energy is an ever evolving industry. I am excited with the many challenges facing the industry, and look forward to the inevitable systemic changes that will arise.”

Qarnain FodaQarnain Foda has a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. He has an extensive knowledge of the upstream oil & gas sector through 8 years at Schlumberger Oil Field Services in Fracturing and Stimulation. He has lead crews in fracturing and stimulation operations on land and managed a vessel in offshore operations. He has also managed contracts in geothermal wells, construction projects for vessels and lead several operational improvement projects. To further his technical expertise, he has worked in Technical Sales providing in house client support and executing business strategies while promoting new technologies. He is also currently pursuing an MBA at the Warwick Business School with a focus on strategy in which he will be conducting his dissertation.


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